kait-rumors-salonKait loves to help her clients bring out their natural beauty. Trained in all areas of Redken color, Kait is skilled at taking the client’s natural hair, eye and skin color into consideration to create the best look. same sites . She loves offering her clients a seasonal color change–whether you want to go darker for winter or lighter for summer, she can help you find the perfect shade to suit your personality. A classic girl with an eye for classic cuts and polished styles, her ultimate goal is always to help clients keep their hair in the best condition. Kait spent almost two years assisting one of the busiest stylists in the Valley before coming to Rumors to finish her training. We’re thrilled to have her and her unique skills on our team.

• Loves country music
• Mexican food and pizza are her favorite foods
• Pintrest and Map My Run are her go-to apps