Level 1 Stylist

haircut & blow dry: $45
color: $50+ 
: $85+

For Kayla, beauty is the family business. She follows in the footsteps of her mother, who is also a stylist at Rumors Salon. Now that she’s flying solo, Kayla specializes in youthful trends (think: Coachella, Urban Outfitters, Free People—Kayla’s a bit of a flower child at heart and excels at styles with a boho vibe.) She especially loves working with long, flowing mermaid waves and rich, dark brunettes. If you want to increase the length or volume of your hair, Kayla can help with that, too: she’s certified in Hotheads human hair extensions.
  • Shishito peppers are her favorite snacks
  • She loves to be outside running & biking
  • She can’t live without Oribe’s Supershine