Level 2 Stylist

haircut & blow dry: $55
color: $60+
: $95+

The first thing you’ll notice about Kristyn is her 1,000 watt smile. This outgoing Jersey girl puts clients at ease with a friendly demeanor and a hearty laugh while she snips and colors the day away. Kristyn loves dramatic makeovers and men’s cuts and fades, but she’s equally skilled at creating natural, dimensional color on her fellow blondes. When it comes to styling, she can braid like nobody’s business and does a killer blowout. (She’s been known to give some of the best and most relaxing scalp massages in the salon, too!) For Kristyn, there’s nothing better than meeting new clients and giving them a flattering new look that they can recreate easily on their own. Outside of the salon, Kristyn embraces her inner tomboy, exploring the Arizona desert from the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle.
  • She loves her lab mixes, Jack and Madison
  • She’s obsessed with vampires and Lord of the Rings
  • Unite’s 7 Seconds is her precioussssss