Get the Look You Want with Hair Extensions

Ever wonder how celebrities are able to make dramatic changes to their hair’s color, style or length almost overnight and without damage? Hair extensions are the secret. And they’re not just for celebrities anymore. At Rumors Salon, we specialize in applying all types of extensions and we can help you achieve a luxurious, natural-looking result.

Extensions: The Basics

Go to Great Lengths

If your hair is at least three inches long, you can get extensions. But keep in mind that your options may be limited by your current style.

Camouflage Damaged Locks

Have thinning hair or bald patches? Extensions can hide damage while allowing you to repair or regrow your natural locks.

Turn Up the Volume

Hair extensions aren’t just for adding length–they can also add volume. Many women choose to amp up the volume for a special event like a prom or a wedding.

Options for Everyone

There are many options for applying extensions. Some are bonded to hair while others are clipped or taped in. The process isn’t painful, but it can be time-consuming, depending on which type you choose.

Experiment with Color

Extensions allow clients to enhance their hair color with vibrant highlights or experiment with wild, trendy shades.

Consultation Is Key

Schedule a consultation to speak with an expert who can help you determine the type of extensions that fit your lifestyle and help you achieve the look you want.